Sigicom is proud to present the next generation triaxial accelerometer. With the INFRA A12 you get a new and improved triaxial accelerometer in one small sensor, making for an easy installation.

The accelerometer is available in two versions for indoor and outdoor use. The outdoor sensor is small and lightweight but still extremely robust and weatherproof, designed for a long service life in harsh conditions. An adjustable mounting plate is available for this application.

Just connect the accelerometer to your INFRA Datalogger and access data directly in INFRA Net, Sigicom’s web application for remote hardware administration & project-based data management.

Read more about the INFRA A12 in the Sigicom Academy.

Small and lightweight accelerometer for indoor use.

Robust and weatherproof accelerometer for outdoor use. An adjustable mounting plate is available.

Access Your Monitoring Data from INFRA A12 in INFRA Net

INFRA Net is an internet-based system for project administration and visualization of data captured by the INFRA monitoring system. You can view real-time data and information online, perform data analysis, and create reports. INFRA Net allows you to manage the settings on your INFRA A12 from anywhere in the world. Significant cost savings and productivity gains can be realized when building, configuring, administering, and reporting for your projects directly from INFRA Net.

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