Efficiency and control – in one complete Measurement Management System.

INFRA Net is an internet based system for project administration, data analysis, reporting and web presentation of monitoring data captured by the INFRA System.

With INFRA Net you can view real time data and information online. It is easy to manage large numbers of INFRA Systems using INFRA Net. Significant cost savings and productivity gains may be realize when building, configuring, administering and reporting projects directly in INFRA Net.

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Measuring Management System (MMS)

  • Data from all types of environmental disturbances in one system
  • Control your hardware remotely
  • Control your projects and income
  • Total fleet management of your measuring equipment

Manage and adjust projects online

Ensure control and easy overview of all projects. Adjust measuring settings from a remote computer. Get instant alarms and notifications on system status without even visiting the construction site.

Do more in less time

INFRA Net helps to reduce traveling time and eliminate errors, increasing efficiency on site and in the office. Less traveling minimizes environmental impact too.

Key Features

Complete system - Measure and monitor different environmental disturbances like vibration, noise and dust in the same system
Remote management and control - Once installed in the field you control and monitor all your equipment and projects from wherever you want
Meets your standards - Supports more than 50 different vibration monitoring standards – all included in the price


Long battery life

 The state of the battery can be checked remotely, and the system will notify you when it needs to be replaced.

Interactive presentation and reporting

Allows you to invite any stakeholder you want to see pre-determined data. Furthermore, it allows you to change your report parameters and run new reports in an instance

Easy mounting and start-up

Modern wireless technology enables smooth assembly and start-up in minutes. And equally effortless dismounting after completion of the project.



Customized monitoring of noise

The noise measuring units are specifically developed for construction site monitoring. You only pay for the functions that you actually need.

Long battery life

With normal use, the battery will last for approx. 20 days. The state of the battery can be checked remotely, and the system will notify you when it needs to be replaced.

Robust solution for construction site monitoring

The Noise monitor was designed to withstand harsh environment and has a proven track record of being robust




One environmental and geotech system

Get your geotechnical data into the same system as vibration and noise. This will facilitate measuring and enable more sophisticated analysis and reporting.

Easy geotech monitoring

Conventional geotech monitoring usually requires extensive preparations and complex configurations. As part of the multifunctional INFRA system the same functionality can be set up in a few hours.


Full traceability of data

In addition to monitoring values you also have access to all relevant meta data instantly.

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