From measuring to analysis and report

The world’s leading system for integrated measuring of vibrations, noise, dust and geotech engineering.

Efficient remote control

Get alarms. Follow up and visualize interference in tables and graphs. Adjust hardware online. Generate reports via INFRA Net.

Scalable to match your needs

The INFRA line offers a wide range of devices that can be combined to fit any projects, large or small.

Meets industry standards

To meet your project specifications, the system ensures individually adapted access to relevant information at all times.

From impact to data management

INFRA support construction site monitoring – every step of the way

Environmental impact
Collect data
Transfer data
Manage your data
Act and react

Vibration monitoring

Boosting the value of vibration monitoring

“The potential for improvements is found in analytics and in the quality of measurement“

Through the past 20 years Carl Lind has cumulated a wealth of experience from the Nordic construction industry, increasingly focusing on the environmental impact of blasting, excavation, packing, piling, and drilling.



Discover the Benefits of INFRA Net

  • Provide stakeholders custom access to view projects and data
  • Build a customer database and manage user access
  • Send customized SMS and email notifications
  • Create reports with advanced analysis and customized data tables


Discover INFRA Net


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