Structural Health Monitoring

Smooth and Hassle-free 

The SHM01 system is designed to make installation, data collection, and service smooth and hassle-free. You don’t need any pre-existing knowledge of the equipment. The system uses an easy installation solution that limits the amount of cabling which saves both time and cost of the installation, and it’s easy enough to get you set up and start monitoring without spending much time preparing.

SHM01 is available for purchase or rental. 



The Benefits of SHM01 

  • Monitors dynamic and static position of the tower
  • Contains a triaxial geophone and a uniaxial inclinometer in each node
  • Minimum length cabling thanks to a single-string digital cable
  • Designed for a +10-year service life
  • Data available via AWS cloud


Small movements, huge precision

We’ve built a simulation for the SHM01 system with LEGO. The SHM01 nodes are going for a ride on a custom build car while we are following the readings from the node.


Want to know more about SHM?

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Structural Health Monitoring

Structural Health Monitoring (SHM), or Condition Monitoring System (CMS), is essential for predictive maintenance of large structures such as offshore wind turbines.

The SHM01 System

The system consists of four nodes containing a triaxial geophone and a uniaxial inclinometer. The nodes are connected with minimum-length cabling thanks to a single-string digital cable. The cable goes from the Data Acquisition Unit (DAU) to the nodes in a sequence connecting the DAU to the first node, followed by the second node, and so forth in a ”daisy-chain” concept. The sensors are directly connected to the DAU and, therefore, always synchronized.


The nodes are prepared to be bolted into a threaded connection on the inner face of the tower. For a fast and rigid connection, this could be done using a magnet together with glue. This double fastening system ensures that the nodes are kept rigidly connected, limiting disturbing movements from the signal. The system is furthermore designed so that other mounting possibilities are easily adapted. The nodes should be mounted at the same height in the tower and be evenly spaced with 90 degrees apart for optimal use.

About Sigicom

Sigicom started as a one-person company in Tullinge, Sweden, in 1981. The company has been producing instruments for the professional measurement industry for the past four decades. Sigicom is an industry leader in developing autonomous and rugged vibration and noise monitoring solutions. In 2022, Sigicom opened a new office in Copenhagen, Denmark.