Measurement Management System


Efficiency and control – in one complete Measurement Management System. INFRA Net is a web-based system for project administration, data analysis, reporting, and web presentation of monitoring data captured by the INFRA System.

At the Forefront of Remote Monitoring

INFRA Net is a web-based system for project administration and data analysis that allows you to manage your system and your sensors from anywhere in the world. Sigicom’s INFRA system has the great advantage of being able to be controlled remotely, which means that you get a total overview of your projects and can receive alarms, adjust measurement settings, and status notices without visiting the construction site.

Easy Monitoring

  • Handle all your instruments and sensors anytime, from anywhere
  • Export measurement results in ready-made report templates
  • Get a total overview of your projects with an updated map view
  • Keep track of battery capacity and GPS position

Discover the Benefits of INFRA Net

  • Provide stakeholders custom access to view projects and data
  • Build a customer database and manage user access
  • Send customized SMS and email notifications
  • Create reports with advanced analysis and customized data tables


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Customer Case

Sound Level Measurement in High Detail

“It is a very robust and easy-to-use system that performs what I need. I can remotely change settings as my reporting needs to change. I can trust that these features work well in INFRA Net, which is why I chose to use Sigicom’s products” – Johan Scheuer, Ensucon.



Our Support Staff is Here for You

We provide our customers with active and efficient support to ensure the best possible functionality of the INFRA system. At Sigicom Academy, step-by-step guides, documents, and product information are available around the clock at no extra cost. We always work hard to meet our customers’ requirements, expectations, and needs. With several offices around the world, we offer fast support.


User-friendly, reliable and flexible

Via INFRA Net, you can retrieve interactive data presentations and create reports based on the results of your monitoring. In the web application, you can also remotely control your system, set alarms and trigger point levels and choose which recipients will receive important alarms via SMS and e-mail. INFRA Net allows you to change the settings for your measuring points such as standards, trigger alert, recording time, interval time, alarm settings and much more. With INFRA Live you can access streamed data immediately. The INFRA system is highly appreciated among our customers due to its ease of use, reliability, and flexibility.

Increase Your Efficiency and Reduce the Climate Impact

INFRA Net allows you to remotely control your equipment, meaning that you can reduce your visits to the construction site and save both travel time and fuel. The economic and environmental benefits are many and you can devote more time to your core business.

Development and Customer Focus

We are constantly working hard to develop and improve your experience of INFRA Net. Our new platform has an updated design that has been inspired by our customers’ needs and feedback, created for an even smoother experience.

Efficiency and Control

INFRA Net gives you full access to all monitoring projects via a system for remote monitoring. Sensors, data loggers, software… everything you need as a measurement consultant. Gain total control over your projects in INFRA Net and set service messages about battery capacity, poor connection, cable connection problems and other critical information.

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