Monitoring equipment for construction site monitoring is often used in harsh environments, which means that they require regular calibration and maintenance.

Modern Calibration Laboratory

Sigicom performs calibration and documents calibration data for all delivered INFRA sensors. We also calibrate other brands of instruments on request.


Sigicom has advanced calibration laboratories in Sweden, the UK, France, Canada, and the USA, to which we receive meters from users worldwide. Find your nearest calibration office below.


Calibration – a cornerstone of Sigicom’s quality concept

  • Why is calibration needed?
  • How often must the instruments be calibrated?
  • How is measurement precision guaranteed?


Find out everything you need about the calibration of your INFRA system monitoring devices.



Delivery addresses

Sweden – HQ:
+46 8 52 52 5970

Delivery address:
Sigicom AB
Älvsjövägen 26 hus 24 3 tr
125 45 Älvsjö, Sweden

 +1 970  691 7721

Delivery address:
Sigicom Canada, Inc.
350 Palladium Dr. Suite104
Ottawa Ontario, K2V 1A8, Canada

+33 2 31 94 66 04

Delivery address:
Sigicom SARL
10, rue des Compagnons
14000 CAEN

+44 0 1403 595020

Delivery address:
Sigicom Ltd.
19 Oakhurst Business Park, Wilberforce Way
Horsham RH13 9RT, UK

+1 970 493 1552

Delivery address:
Sigicom Inc.
2636 Midpoint Drive Ste B
Fort Collins, CO 80525, USA


Kings of Precision

How Accurate is Your Monitoring?

A well calibrated vibration monitoring system can provide accurate measurements, but how precise is it after a year of rugged field deployment?

“The truth is that, unless the results get totally awkward, you don’t know. Unknown or imprecise measurement data makes measuring pretty meaningless or outright misleading”, says Johan Larsson, software and system developer at Sigicom in Stockholm.


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