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INFRA X20DM2 – dust monitor

INFRA X20DM2 – dust monitor and has a high-quality sensor that simultaneously measures the airborne particle concentrations.

INFRA X20SR- speed radar

The INFRA X20SR Speed radar offers a convenient way to measure speed on moving objects. Together with other parts of the INFRA system, it allows for monitoring correlation between the speed of a passing object and resulting environmental parameters such as noise and vibration.

INFRA X20WXT – weather station

INFRA X20WXT weather station 4 channel is a small, lightweight and high-quality sensor that simultaneously measures the following parameters wind speed, wind direction, rain intensity or relative humidity and air temperature.

All settings, such as Interval time, is selected via INFRA Net and can be handled remotely.

INFRA D10 – data logger

INFRA D10 is a digital data logger built on a new hardware platform containing the latest technologies on the market. It has a high capacity for data storage and flexible communication capabilities. It has a built-in 4G modem with 3G and 2G fallback.