Cabled System

Vertical Geophone

INFRA V10 vertical geophone can be used for measuring vibration from blasting, piling, traffic etc. It can also measure acceleration that can affect sensitive equipment. Adjustments between a wide range of standards can easily be set from a connected INFRA data logger.

  • Uniaxial geophone that measures vibration in vertical direction
  • Can be mounted on the floor or wall
  • Manage settings remotely from your computer and mobile device
Cabled System

Hassle-free remote environmental monitoring




Pile Driving

Human Comfort

Key Features

Digital - The sensor contains a uniaxial geophone and digital signal processor. The digital signal is transmitted to the INFRA data logger using a bus cable.
Rugged design - INFRA V10 is a very rugged, high quality, velocity sensing geophone with a temperature range of –20 to +50 degrees Celsius.
Multi-standard - Measure vibrations on structures or for environmental impacts on people.


Access Your Monitoring Data in INFRA Net

INFRA Net is a cloud-based project management tool that streamlines many project management tasks that cost time and money. You can view real-time data and information online, perform data analysis, create reports, export visualization of data captured by the INFRA monitoring system, and much more.


  • Remotely control sensors deployed in the field
  • Eliminate the requirement for an on-site operator
  • Automate the tracking and communication of sensors
  • Automatic instrument diagnostics
  • Manage alarms and alerts to stakeholders and employees


Customer Case

Big breakthrough for vibration measuring with INFRA in Norway

There is a lot of blasting taking place in Norway – a country well known for its mountainous terrain. It calls for the most efficient methods for measuring vibration and all four of the leading blasting consultants use Sigicom’s INFRA-series for measurement. Nexconsult AS has been using the system the longest. Jan Mehren, CEO, has used INFRA-equipment ever since the company’s founding in 2008.

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Calibration and support

The INFRA V10 sensor has one vertical geophone and a built-in digital signal processor. This allows you to keep your data logger working in the field while the sensor is sent for annual recalibration. Sigicom has calibration laboratories in Stockholm (Sweden), London (UK), Caen (France), Colorado (USA), and Ottawa (Canada). Read more about our calibration services under Support.


Environmental monitoring is a crucial part of our society and is performed within many construction and infrastructure projects. In construction work projects, ground vibration monitoring is important to ensure safety for surrounding structures and buildings. Blast and drilling vibrations from tunnel work are examples of construction vibrations where vibration monitoring equipment is necessary. Human comfort is also an important aspect of vibration monitoring since many people live close to construction sites in urban areas. Making sure that nearby buildings are protected, and residents are comfortable, is a best practice in the industry. 

Made to work

The INFRA V10 vertical geophone offers a rugged design and IP67 protection class for a long service life in harsh conditions. The sensor element is a high-quality velocity geophone. It has a high tolerance to mechanical shock, long term stability, a wide dynamic range, and a temperature range from -20 to +50 degrees Celsius.

Quick and easy set-up

The geophone is easily mounted and installed on your worksite in just a few minutes. After installation, the INFRA Systems extremely easy-to-use interface allows to instantly and effectively start monitoring vibrations. All monitoring is performed digitally and in INFRA Net web application you can easily select standards. In INFRA Net you can adjust settings and view all of your sensors and monitors in your projects.

Work remotely

Manage your project remotely via your computer or mobile device via INFRA Net, our internet-based system for project administration. In INFRA, you will find a rugged and reliable vibration monitoring system, helping the users reduce travel costs and increase efficiency. Project alerts can be received by key project personnel at designated measurement thresholds. Data can be analyzed, and reports generated as required for any project.


Investing in Sigicom’s vibration monitoring equipment is a wise and future-proof investment. INFRA sensors are preloaded with many measurement standards, providing compliance for use on projects all over the world. Download the INFRA V10 datasheet for more information. Contact us to find out if INFRA can be used on your project.