Cabled System

Air Blast Sensor

The INFRA S10 and S11 air overpressure microphones measure air blast to ensure compliance with national and international standards. The INFRA S11 measures air blast at a higher range often needed for demolition projects. The sensor is designed to be easily mounted on a wall, pole or tripod.

  • Extremely durable and protected to work under harsh outdoor conditions
  • Provides both interval data and complete time history waveforms
  • Managed remotely from your computer and mobile device


Cabled System

Hassle-free remote environmental monitoring




Pile Driving

Human Comfort

Key Features

Pressure sensor - INFRA S10 & S11 measures air pressure directly, for extremely reliable accuracy.
Rugged Design - Extremely rugged and reliable air blast monitor adjusted for harsh outdoor conditions.
Easy Configuration - Configure your measurement settings in INFRA Net or in the display of the INFRA data logger. 



Access Your Monitoring Data in INFRA Net

INFRA Net is a cloud-based project management tool that streamlines many project management tasks that cost time and money. You can view real-time data and information online, perform data analysis, create reports, export visualization of data captured by the INFRA monitoring system, and much more.


  • Remotely control sensors deployed in the field
  • Eliminate the requirement for an on-site operator
  • Automate the tracking and communication of sensors
  • Automatic instrument diagnostics
  • Manage alarms and alerts to stakeholders and employees


Customer Case

Tunnelling beneath historic buildings

The company, Ansvarsbesiktning AB, has an extensive role in the project regarding risk analysis, measurement and support of blasting control. Blasting will occur close to ancient palaces, above and below underground railway tunnels and just below the Gustav Vasa church.


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Calibration and support

INFRA S10/S11 measures air pressure directly for extremely reliable accuracy. All filtering and signal processing is performed digitally within the sensor. This allows you to keep your data logger working in the field while the sensor is sent for annual recalibration. Sigicom has calibration laboratories in Stockholm (Sweden), London (UK), Caen (France), Colorado (USA), and  Ottawa (CA). Read more about our calibration services under Support.


Environmental monitoring is a crucial part of our society and is performed within many construction and infrastructure projects. Air blast monitoring is important to ensure safety for surrounding structures and buildings. Making sure that nearby buildings are protected, and residents are comfortable, is a best practice in the industry.

Designed to Work

The INFRA S10/S11 sensor is designed for a long service life in harsh conditions. The sensor is encased in a body, milled from a single block of aluminum. The element is a high-quality pressure sensor. It has long term stability and a wide temperature range from -20 to +50 degrees Celsius.

Quick and easy set-up

The sensor can be easily mounted and installed at your worksite in just a few minutes. The intuitive interface of our INFRA System, enables you to begin monitoring instantly and effectively.

Work remotely

Manage your project remotely via your computer or mobile device via INFRA Net, our internet-based system for project administration. In INFRA, you will find a rugged and reliable remote monitoring system, helping users reduce travel costs and increase efficiency. Project alerts can be received by key project personnel at designated measurement thresholds. Data can be analyzed, and reports generated as required for any project.


INFRA sensors are preloaded with the most prevalent measurement standards from around the globe. INFRA systems offer the widest range of standard compliance in the industry. Download the INFRA S10/S11 datasheet for more information. Contact your local sales representative to find out if INFRA can be used on your project.