This article is originally published by GKM Consultants.

During the expansion of a major data centre building in Montreal, GKM consultants was mandated to monitor vibrations to protect the contents of the server rooms.

The requirements for the seismographs were as follows:

– The seismographs had to be battery-powered with a long autonomy because there was no power supply in the server rooms;

– Vibration levels had to be reported in RMS as computer systems are more sensitive to sustained vibration exposition;

– The seismographs had to be compact due to floor space constraints;

– The seismographs had to be reliable and require no maintenance due to the secure nature of the site;

– The client wanted to have access to the data in real time to manage reports themselves.

Sigicom’s INFRA C22 was found to be the most appropriate solution for this project as it met all the requirements of the client’s specifications.

A total of 6 units were installed to cover the entire site. The biggest advantage of the INFRA C22 is its ease of installation. Installation boils down to placing the seismograph in a corner of the room, making sure it is level, and pressing the record button. The simplicity of use limits intervention time in the secure server room and makes data immediately available to all parties.

Commissioning all units took one hour and batteries had to be swapped only twice over a 5-month period. No other intervention was required.

The other benefit of using Sigicom’s INFRA C22 is the online data platform INFRA Net, offering access to the status of all 6 units on a single remote screen. INFRA Net also collects measured data in real time, enabling the end user to download vibration data at their discretion and generate data reports.

The INFRA C22’s small footprint, ease of installation, and commissioning free up time for engineers, managers, and field staff to focus on managing their worksites and operations.

Thank you to GKM Consultants for sharing this article.