A year into a worldwide pandemic that has led to people working from home and limiting personal contact, Sigicom has adjusted to try and keep business going as usual.


With offices spread over several countries and continents, online meetings and innovative communication solutions have been part of Sigicom for a long time. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why the adaptation to working remotely has come naturally. With our customers facing new challenges, we knew that we needed to deliver for them. As new projects begin and the need for instrumentation quickly arises, we have worked to stay ready on a short notice.

The most important thing has been staying close to our customers.

Dimitri Chamard-Boudet, Sales Manager for Sigicom France, lives in Caen where the last year has included periods of isolation and curfews for residents. For Dimitri and his colleagues, it’s meant discovering a new way of connecting with their customers. Holding a digital meeting in France was not common before March 2020, but now it’s the rule.

– In the end, it makes things easier for us. We can plan a meeting with a customer at any moment, wherever they are located. This makes us more flexible even if we all miss face-to-face contact. For us, the most important thing has been staying close to our customers. During the pandemic, we have never ceased to bring our support and expertise to customers who have often been required to carry on with construction projects as essential work, says Dimitri.

Across the Atlantic, Sigicom USA and the newly established Sigicom Canada have faced similar challenges. Andrew Grabau, Sales Representative for Sigicom USA, has continued working from his home office in Fort Collins, Colorado. During a year without the usual events and exhibitions, business has thrived.

– There was certainly an adjustment period. It took a few weeks to settle into the new routine, but productivity recovered fast, and in many ways, even surpassed pre-Covid levels. As a salesperson, I do miss the travel and meeting with my customers in person. It has been an exciting challenge to find new ways to connect with people across North America, says Andrew.

Customer collaboration has always driven Sigicom’s success. This past year has provided valuable insights and new ways for us to stay connected for the future.

If you are interested in knowing more about what we can do for you, do not hesitate to get in touch. Contact us at: sales@sigicom.com