Take a glimpse at the future of INFRA Net

Take a glimpse at the future of INFRA Net

We are constantly working to improve your INFRA experience. In our ambition to create smart solutions for you, we are willing to walk that extra mile. This is the first invite to a completely new experience. We hope that you through this Beta version can see the future we are about to create.

Starting today, you can:

  • Access your devices through the new INFRA Net Beta
  • Mark and filter your devices as favourites
  • Use the new parts of INFRA Net in a mobile-friendly view
  • Find devices, filter warnings, and get locations through the map
  • Get a summary of your “Monitoring On” days for your devices

Good to know:

  • Save and commit your changes in either the beta or current
    INFRA Net
  • Behind this new approach lays your feedback and requirements that we wish to fulfil. This Beta release is something we will continue to build on to make your experience better.
  • Get in touch with your local sales representative, they will walk you through the new INFRA Net beta