For the first time since 2019, Sigicom France participated in an exhibition during June 23-24.

The Solscope 2021 exhibition gathered many business colleagues within the piling, drilling, and foundation sector. It’s a market that mainly focuses on vibration, and Sigicom’s compact and wireless INFRA C22 vibration monitor was quite the star of the show. However, as neighborhood comfort is becoming more and more considered, noise and dust are a growing concern, and there was a big interest for the INFRA S50 Noise Monitor as well.

Sigicom France was represented by Dimitri Chamard-Boudet, Regional Sales Manager, and Jérôme Dubois, Technical Sales Engineer, who showed Sigicom’s instruments and software on an interactive demo wall and presented Sigicom’s solution and new features within the INFRA system.

Sigicom’s INFRA system presents a remote solution to monitoring widely different types of sites. The monitors send data directly, or via a data logger, to the INFRA Net software – an internet-based management system where you can view realtime monitoring data, generate reports, perform data analysis, and much more, from anywhere in the world.

– We met prospects who already do vibration measurements but who have never used a remote monitoring system. Seeing the INFRA C22 on the demo wall and the INFRA Net capacities and ease-of-use, they instantly understood thbenefits they can get. The most common comment we got was “it looks so much easier to install than my current system!”, says Dimitri Chamard-Boudet. 

“You could feel the smile behind the mask”

During the covid pandemic, France has had strict restrictions and very limited opportunities for face-to-face meetings and gatherings. Now that the situation is improved and exhibitions can take place, Dimitri and Jérôme appreciated meeting with current customers and possible new ones.

It felt so good to finally meet people face to face again! We have great relationship with our customers and for most of them we did not meet for 1 ½ years. You could feel the smile behind the mask, Dimitri says, and continues:

– Sigicom has a very good reputation in this market. For most people coming to our booth, either they have already, from word-of-mouth, heard good things about our solution, or they are surprised by INFRA Net and the INFRA System capabilities. 
Solscope had a limit of 1000 visitors per day, and the exhibition was basically “packed” both days. Visitors came from all of France as well as nearby countries such as Belgium, Switzerland, and Holland. For Sigicom, this was the third time attending the event.

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