With two new calibration labs installed in Canada and France, Sigicom now offers complete calibration service from all of our five offices around the world. Johan Larsson and Bengt Broman work in the development department in Sigicom’s office in Stockholm, Sweden. They recently traveled to Caen in France and Ottawa in Canada to help with the installation of the new calibration stations. 
This is a huge milestone for Sigicom’s growth in Canada. Our Ottawa office is now equipped to handle our customers’ calibration needs, the result means faster shipping and overall turnaround times for customers. A big thanks go out to our colleagues in Sweden who helped make this a reality, says Curtis McGrath, Sales Manager at Sigicom Canada Inc. 
Any mechanical or electrical devices require calibration and maintenance. Working conditions on building sites can be rough which is why we recommend that monitors in regular use be calibrated at least once a year. With our new labs are now up and running and we are happy to provide our customers with an even higher level of support!

Image 1: Bengt Broman, Ross Campbell and Johan Larsson – Canada
Image 2: Johan Larsson, Timmy Leroy and Bengt Broman – France