Christer Svensson in Memoriam

On May 2nd the Swedish inventor and entrepreneur Christer Svensson, founder and former Chairman of Sigicom, passed away with his family by his side, in Stockholm, Sweden at the age of 72.

In 1981 Christer Svensson, a true innovator at heart, founded Sigicom. In the early years, the small family business mainly developed and delivered innovative monitoring equipment for blasting and other applications.

Through the following four decades he developed increasingly sophisticated solutions to modernize remote monitoring and measuring of vibration, noise, dust and other environmental disturbances on building sites around the world.

With a keen eye to sophisticated digital sensor, presentation and internet technologies, he masterminded the conceptual and hands-on development of the company’s INFRA system.

After receiving a life-threatening diagnosis some years ago, Christer Svensson dedicated even more time and relentless energy to ensure continued technological and business development. On a practical note, he increasingly focused on customer insight and technology development, gradually handing over company management to the next generation. This extended transition period has effectively resulted in a smooth transition and a clear vision for the company’s future.

Outside of Sigicom, Mr Svensson has made numerous friends around the world and was a major contributor of knowledge and experience to several relevant industry organizations and standardization committees.

Christer Svensson will be greatly missed. He will always be remembered as a true visionary, a humble, soft-spoken leader and entrepreneur, a good listener, and an insightful and creative problem solver. The entire Sigicom team is dedicated to bring this unique heritage into an even greater future.