Small movements, huge precision – LEGO SHM

This is not a wind turbine tower, but the movements are similar to the normal operation of one.

Here you see one of the SHM01 nodes going for a ride on the custom build car to the left together with the readings from the node on the plot to the right. For size and scale pay attention to the LEGO-workers in the background or the ruler next to the front wheels. This car will never go into production, as you can see it is pulling a little to the left.

Pay close attention and our expert LEGO-workers will tell you that the plot shows a longitudinal movement of 19.98 mm with a small turn to the left of 0.98 mm. Try yourself to get the readings from the ruler or timing the 3.23 seconds, 0.31 Hz, journey between outer positions.

SHM01 – Accuracy


SHM01 –Signal to Noise