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Sigicom is a leading supplier of measurement technology with a number of large companies as customers and users. Our solutions are used for many key tasks on major construction projects.

We are an independent and privately owned company with focus on providing the most cost efficient equipment for remote monitoring of environmental disturbances from infrastructure projects. Development of autonomous robust measuring equipment and the accompanying software for presentation and reporting are areas to which we devote great attention, time and energy.

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40 years of professional experience in measurement technology built into modern products

For 40 years Sigicom has developed instruments for the professional measurement industry. Figuratively speaking, our expertise in measurement, industrial operations and microprocessors, is built into all of our systems. Computer technology is used to process, transmit, collate and present data in a way that relieves the mundane, time consuming tasks from a human operator.

We have experience in complex product development targeted towards demanding and difficult applications, as well as more cost-sensitive applications. It gives us a good starting point for utilizing clever combinations of existing and new technology for new and existing applications.

Sigicom AB is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 since 2016.

Management Policy

Sigicom designs, develops, manufactures, calibrates, services, sells and rents measurement equipment. The company also develops and sells web applications.

Sigicom’s success is based on the ability to effectively create added value for the customer. Our policy defines the approach that Sigicom’s employees should take in order to create and maintain long-term relationships with satisfied customers. We would like our customers to see us as a credible, committed and highly professional company.

Sigicom shall, in its daily operations, conduct structured and sustainable environmental measures in order to reduce the environmental impact. We shall strictly comply with the applicable environmental laws and regulations.

We will achieve this by:

  • Always working to meet our customers’ demands, expectations and needs
  • Maintaining open and honest communication with our interested parties
  • Continuously improving our products and the management system
  • Satisfying all applicable requirements
    – Making sure that all associates understand that their decisions and actions affect the quality and environmental impact of our work and services.
  • Conserving resources and sorting waste for recycling
  • Placing demands on our suppliers considering environmental aspects
    -Gradually phasing out hazardous substances and replacing them with alternatives, which have a less environmental impact
  • Defining and monitoring specific goals
  • Allocating resources to ensure that our objectives are achieved
  • Ensuring all employees have knowledge in accordance with this policy
  • Interacting with our customers, suppliers and other interested parties
  • Developing products that minimise our customers’ travel needs, are energy efficient and have a less environmental impact


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