Cabled System

Data Logger and Vibration Sensor

The INFRA Point is built on a brand-new hardware platform utilizing the latest technologies, such as a built-in 4G modem with 2G-3G fallback. This will give you unparalleled reliability. The INFRA Point system contains a small sensor and data logger. It has extremely low power consumption and offers up to 12 months of continuous monitoring on internal rechargeable batteries. Currently available in Sweden, Norway and Finland.

  • Small, robust, and traceable vertical or triaxial vibration sensors 
  • Measures vibration from blasting, piling, or other foundation work
  • Remote managing from your computer and mobile device
  • Rugged design with color display and touchpad
Cabled System

Hassle-free remote environmental monitoring




Pile Driving

Human Comfort

Key Features

Battery Capacity - Extremely low power consumption gives up to 12 months of continuous monitoring, well beyond similar systems on the market.
Small Lightweight Sensor - The INFRA Point system is a complete data logger with a compact lightweight vertical or triaxial geophone.
GPS - Built-in GPS positioning and time synchronization



Access Your Monitoring Data in INFRA Net

INFRA Net is a cloud-based project management tool that streamlines many project management tasks that cost time and money. You can view real-time data and information online, perform data analysis, create reports, export visualization of data captured by the INFRA monitoring system, and much more.


  • Remotely control sensors deployed in the field
  • Eliminate the requirement for an on-site operator
  • Automate the tracking and communication of sensors
  • Automatic instrument diagnostics
  • Manage alarms and alerts to stakeholders and employees


Customer Case

Remote monitoring at the museum

Stockholm’s metro line is expanding and underground blasting operations are ongoing in several areas of the city. In central Stockholm, Chief Measurement Technician Michel Ehn from Bjerking is conducting environmental monitoring at the historic Nationalmuseum, making sure that art objects from the late Middle Ages aren’t impacted by the blasting.

Want to know more?

How would INFRA work in your business?

Let us talk about it


Built on a new hardware platform, the INFRA Point utilizes the latest technologies, such as modular communication, color display, and multi button keypad. This will provide long service life in harsh conditions with unparalleled reliability as well as being future-proof. This system is equipped with high capacity data storage and flexible communication capabilities including built-in 4G modem (eSIM) with 2G-3G fallback and an external SIM option. Extreme low power consumption gives the INFRA Point extended measurement time, well beyond all similar systems on the market. INFRA Point has up to 12 months of continuous monitoring on internal rechargeable batteries (for the vertical geophone).


Environmental monitoring is a crucial part of our society and is performed within many construction and infrastructure projects. Making sure that nearby buildings are protected, and residents are comfortable, is a best practice in the industry. The INFRA sensors can measure vibration, noise, dust, air blast, speed radar, crack displacement, pore pressure, wind speed/direction, rainfall, temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure.


The INFRA Point data logger is built in a Peli™ case, which is extremely robust and tough and has a Gore-Tex membrane, pressure-equalizing vent to keep the inside dry. This vent is waterproof even if the case is completely submerged. When the case is opened, the front panel is also waterproofed using O-rings and IPx6 specified keyboard buttons, etc. Extremely low power consumption allows for 12 months of autonomous monitoring. 

Quick and easy set-up

The INFRA Point is easily mounted and installed on your worksite in just a few minutes. The lightweight geophones are connected to the datalogger with INFRA Point cables that are available in different lengths. After installation, the easy-to-use interface allows you to start your monitoring instantly and effectively. You can configure the system with project measurement specifications from the field or the office. In INFRA Net you can adjust settings and view all your data.

Work remotely

Manage your INFRA system remotely on your computer or mobile device via INFRA Net, our internet-based system for project administration. INFRA system is robust and reliable, helping users reduce travel costs and increase efficiency. Project alerts can be received by key project personnel at designated measurement thresholds. Data can be analyzed, and reports generated as required for any project.


INFRA sensors are preloaded with measurement standards for Sweden, Norway, and Finland, providing compliance for use on projects for structure and human comfort monitoring. Download the INFRA Point datasheet for more information. Contact us to find out if INFRA can be used on your project.

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