Wireless Sound Level Meter

Complete wireless sound level meter for the INFRA System. The INFRA C50 is an all-in-one wireless noise monitor with a built-in data logger. It measures sound and monitors construction activities such as blasting, traffic, pile driving, etc. The unit is easy to mount on a wall or pole, and the easy-to-use interface lets you start monitoring instantly.
  • Excellent battery performance – 6+ weeks of battery life
  • Rugged and weather-proof design with color display and keypad
  • Manage remotely from your computer and mobile device
Currently available in the UK and France.

Hassle-free remote environmental monitoring




Pile Driving

Human Comfort

Key Features

Battery capacity - The INFRA C50 has more than six weeks of continuous monitoring on internal rechargeable batteries.
Easy to use - Thanks to the user-friendly interface, keypad and color display, you will have the INFRA C50 up and running in no time!
Remote monitoring - After installing the noise monitor on site, the rest of the work can be performed from anywhere via the web-based INFRA Net.

Innovation in noise monitoring

Noise pollution is affecting people in urban areas every day. At Sigicom, we have over four decades of experience in developing the most advanced technology for noise and vibration monitoring in the construction industry. We are proud to introduce our new product – the INFRA C50 wireless sound level meter. Contact us today to experience the best monitoring solution available.

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Access Your Monitoring Data in INFRA Net

INFRA Net is a cloud-based project management tool that streamlines many project management tasks that cost time and money. You can view real-time data and information online, perform data analysis, create reports, export visualization of data captured by the INFRA monitoring system, and much more.


  • Remotely control sensors deployed in the field
  • Eliminate the requirement for an on-site operator
  • Automate the tracking and communication of sensors
  • Automatic instrument diagnostics
  • Manage alarms and alerts to stakeholders and employees


Noise Monitoring

The Role of Noise Monitoring in Urban Development

Insights by Graham Parry on Health Impacts, Technological Innovations, and National Legislation in the UK. 


Monitoring noise and vibration is a crucial aspect of urban planning and development. Graham Parry, a renowned expert in noise and vibration measurement, provides valuable insights into the significance of monitoring and discusses the advancements in technology, the protection of human health, and the lack of national legislation in the UK.


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Wireless noise monitor

Built on a new hardware platform, the INFRA C50 utilizes the latest technologies, including modular communication. This will give you unparalleled reliability as well as being future-proof. The INFRA C50 has a built-in 4G modem with 2G and 3G fallback and comes with GPS position. The long battery life offers more than six weeks of continuous monitoring. We recommend you submit your INFRA C50 Noise Monitor for calibration every 12 months. Sigicom has calibration laboratories in Stockholm (Sweden), London (UK), Caen (France), Colorado (USA), and Ottawa (Canada) and offers short delivery times. Read more about calibration under Support.


Environmental monitoring is a crucial part of our society and is performed within many construction and infrastructure projects. Vibration, sound, air over pressure, dust, and many other parameters are monitored in construction and infrastructure projects. Blasting and drilling noise and vibrations from tunnel work is one example where noise and vibration monitoring equipment is necessary to ensure human comfort, since many people live close to construction sites in urban areas. Making sure that nearby buildings are protected and residents are comfortable is a best practice in the industry.

Robust and weather-proof design

The INFRA C50 noise monitor offers a rugged weather-proof design and is designed for a long service life in harsh conditions. Replacing and charging the batteries of the INFRA C50 sound level meter is quick and easy and is described step-by-step in the manual. See more on Sigicom Academy.

Easy-to-use system

The wireless noise monitoring station is easily mounted and installed on your worksite in just a few minutes. After installation, the noise monitor’s extremely easy-to-use interface allows you to instantly and effectively start monitoring noise. Two pushes on the keypad is all you need to start it up. All monitoring is performed digitally and in the INFRA Net web application, you can easily select settings and monitoring parameters. In INFRA Net you can adjust settings and view all of your sensors and monitors in your projects.

Work remotely

Manage your sound measurement system remotely via your computer or mobile device via INFRA Net, our internet-based system for project administration. In INFRA, you will find a rugged and reliable vibration and noise monitoring system, helping users reduce travel costs and increase efficiency. Project alerts can be received by key project personnel at designated measurement thresholds. Data can be analyzed, and reports generated as required for any project.


Investing in Sigicom’s noise monitoring equipment is a wise and future-proof investment. Our INFRA sensors are preloaded with many measurement settings, providing compliance for use on projects worldwide. Download the INFRA C50 datasheet for more information. Contact us to find out if INFRA can be used on your project.