The INFRA products

The INFRA system is specifically developed with construction site monitoring in mind.

It offers a comprehensive series of products for the precise measuring and monitoring of vibration, noise, dust, shockwaves, cracks, weather, temperature and more.

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INFRA Master

INFRA Master is a complete battery operated data logger with a built-in GSM/GPRS modem and built-in GSM antenna. The logger has two outgoing connections for the INFRA bus cable.
There is also a connection for an external GSM antenna.
The front panel consists of four buttons (easy operation) and a LCD screen with 4 lines, each can display up to 20 characters.
INFRA Master is either operated with an internal lead-acid battery or connected to mains. The data is stored on the exchangeable CompactFlash card. The INFRA Master contains no measurement electronics and needs no calibration.


The INFRA Mini is a data logger with GSM and a large internal memory. It features an integrated triple band (900/1800/1900 MHz) GSM with GPRS. Sigicom INFRA Mini is an economical multichannel fieldmonitoring system for Vibration, Noise, Air overpressure, Acceleration, Inclination, Level, Pore Pressure and much more. INFRA Mini is powered wid Alcaline batteries. Weight 3.5 kg.


INFRA Micro is a complete digital data logger with possibility of enclosure, high capacity data storage and flexible communication capabilities. Data is automatically sent via the internal or external modem to a database on the Internet. Data is sent on scheduled times and when a trigger has occurred. SMS with event data can be sent directly from the instrument to a number of cell phones. Project administration, data presentation, reports, analysis and graphs can easily be performed with INFRA Net.


INFRA X20DM2 Dust Monitor is a high quality sensor that simultaneously measures the airborne particle concentrations of PM10, PM2.5, PM1.0 and TSP.
Intended for continuous monitoring of dust particles from demolition, construction works and traffic. Connects directly to an INFRA data logger with the INFRA bus cable.


INFRA X20WXT weather station 4 channel is a small, lightweight and high quality sensor that simultaneously measures the following parameters:

  • wind speed
  • wind direction
  • rain intensity or relative humidity
  • air temperature

All settings, such as Interval time, is selected via INFRA Net and can be handled remotely.


With INFRA Net – software you can view real time data and information from your INFRA systems online. It is easy to manage a large number of INFRA Systems with INFRA Net. By building, administrate and report your projects directly in INFRA Net you will save time and increase your productivity.

Based on the projects and measurement points you can easily extract reports in PDF format that can be sent directly to your customer.

The software contains a powerful analysis function allowing you to generate different types of charts and curves from transient and interval data. INFRA Net’s remote control enables you to change measurement settings, connection schedule and much more directly from your office or anywhere you have an Internet connection. Live presentation of data, alerts/alarms transmitted from our server via e-mail or SMS directly to you.

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