Why you should measure vibration – Interview with Dr. Charles Dowding

Why is vibration monitoring in construction work important? As stated by Dr. Charles Dowding in this video, “saying something is not the same thing as measuring it”. Monitoring is required to control vibration activities, ensure project compliance, engage in proper risk management and helps build and maintain good community relations throughout a project.

This video was filmed in 2022 when Sigicom hosted a lecture series given by Dr. Charles Dowding. In his lectures, Dr. Dowding reviewed the fundamentals of vibrations, structural response, and construction site monitoring.

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Dr. Charles Dowding is the author of Construction Vibrations (ISBN-0964431319), in which he covers the entire field of construction-induced vibrations. He is also a co-author of Structure Response and Damage Produced by Ground Vibration from Surface Mine Blasting (Report of Investigations 8507).

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