We are now launching INFRA D10

  • High capacity data storage
  • Flexible communication capabilitys
  • Color display
  • Long battery life

Sigicom is announcing the new product launch of the INFRA D10 Data logger. Serving as an upgrade to the INFRA Mini Data logger by maintaining compatibility with all your current sensors, the INFRA D10 is built on a new hardware platform containing the latest technologies on the market.

The INFRA D10 will ensure long service life even in harsh conditions by maintaining flexible communication capabilities, high capacity storage, and low power consumption. The logger has a built-in 4G modem (with 3G-2G fallback) and is compatible with external power source options.

For more information please contact: sales@sigicom.com

Measurement system


*All sensors that are compatible with
INFRA Mini can be used with INFRA D10.




*Initial firmware release will not support the INFRA X20 nor the INFRA Net Live and Agenda features.