The INFRA D10 is an upgraded data logger with new communication capabilities, popular keypad & color display, higher capacity storage, lower power consumption, and rechargeable Li-ion batteries. The logger includes a built-in 4G modem (3G and 2G fallback) and external power source compatibility, providing a robust remote monitoring solution.

The INFRA D10 provides Sigicom’s latest features and engineering while maintaining compatibility with all your existing sensors in the INFRA cabled system.

Data Logger

New product release – INFRA D10 Micro

We are excited to release the newest addition in our product line. The INFRA D10 Micro is an upgraded replacement product for the legacy INFRA Micro. This data logger system is encased in an extremely rugged box (protection class IP67) for mounting on walls. This enclosure includes a larger capacity external battery and optional solar panel door for charging.

Data logger

Solarpanel door





INFRA D10 and INFRA D10 Micro include:

  • Built-in 4G modem, with 3G and 2G fallback 
  • New electronics with improved power efficiency
  • User-friendly interface with keypad and color display
  • Embedded SIM card with external SIM card option
  • Live function that lets you view your interval data remotely in INFRA Net or directly, while on the job site in the instrument display
  • Agenda function for the INFRA S50 sound monitor, allows you to set different trigger levels for day, evening, and night periods
  • Supported connection to all of our static sensors including the dust monitor, weather station, alarm beacon, groundwater level sensor, pore pressure sensor, and speed radar
  • Expanded information in logs, for easier support

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