James Ahrgren is Leaving the Board

As a key member of Traction, Sigicom’s second largest shareholder, James Ahrgren was a natural fit to join the Sigicom Board in May 2020. After a year of service, the time has come for James to accept new opportunities and challenges. Before his final board meeting this April, we were able to chat with James about his experience at Sigicom and his perspectives on the business.

What has this year on the board been like?

– It’s been exciting to see a Swedish company that has been active for many years be able to reach so far. What I think is special with Sigicom is that they prove you don’t need deep pockets to make it. Today it’s common that companies take risks by trying to grow fast through big investment. Sigicom has done it the classic way, by being careful with the resources and listening to the customers. Having a close relationship with the customer is key for developing good products that are well appreciated and worth paying for. That’s where Sigicom has succeeded.

Was Sigicom what you expected or have there been any surprises?

– Sigicom is a quite small company, but very advanced when it comes to development and technology. The last years’ growth is because of a very good product family. They have a complete offer which is very competitive. I’m an engineer myself and I think Sigicom’s products are very fun and interesting. To be able to measure vibrations on job sites all over the world and receive the results in the software is super cool.

 Is there anything you feel that you’ve learned?

– I’ve become even more certain in my belief that gut feeling is very important when it comes to making a decision. When you have the knowledge and experience as Sigicom does, you need to be brave and make decisions without having all the facts on the table. That leads to faster decisions and faster development.

What’s up next for you?

– I’m going to be CEO at AQ Group, a company that manufactures products for other companies. I’m very excited about it. I would’ve liked to be able to remain on Sigicom’s board but I need to put all my focus on the new job, and I don’t want to sit on a board if I can’t contribute to the fullest. I believe that Sigicom has a very bright future and I will follow the company moving on.

Sigicom would like to thank James for his dedicated work and wish him the very best with future endeavors.