“Explosives Everyday!” Webinar on Vibration Monitoring

In March 2021, the International Society of Explosives Engineers (ISEE) hosted a series of webinars called “Explosives Everyday!”, where they showcased how companies and organizations around the world use explosives. The presentations from the webinars are now available to watch on Youtube. 

Sigicom’s Strategic Partnership Manager, Johan Gjødvad, attended “Explosives Everyday!” to talk about monitoring. Monitoring vibration, noise, and dust is a highly important part of all types of blasting and demolition using explosives. In the episode, Johan joined forces with Prof. Charles Dowding and Dr. Cathy Aimone-Martin to discuss the technical aspects of monitoring, the use of monitoring in real life, and a comparison of international standards. (Read more about the project of comparing international standards in this article from August 2021) 

Johan Gjødvads focus on innovation and the international market ensures that Sigicom continues to be a top producer of hardware and software for remote environmental monitoring. Johan has been a part of the Danish Federation of Explosives Engineering since 2006 and is the past president of the European Federation of Explosives Engineers (EFEE), where he still is part of the board. He has been with Sigicom since 2018 and is on the board of directors for ISEE. 

Watch “Explosives Everyday! Presents Monitoring” here.

Please also have a look at the “Explosives Everyday! Presents Demolition” episode, which Sigicom proudly has sponsored.

All of the episodes are available to watch on ISEE:s Youtube page.