Sigicom is a fast-growing company and with it comes a constant flow of news. You can find some of Sigicom’s news about fairs, products and other things below.

Welcome Mathias Lagestam!

Mathias Lagestam is joining Sigicom in the role of Technical Sales Engineer, starting 2 January 2023. Mathias is a mechanical engineer with a bachelor’s degree…

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University of Mining & Geology in Bulgaria

Lectures by Johan Finsteen Gjødvad

Sigicom is proud to announce that Johan Finsteen Gjødvad will teach at the University of Mining and Geology in Bulgaria on 20-21 October.  At Sigicom, we…

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Sigicom welcomes Imran Ahmad

We are happy to welcome Imran Ahmad to Sigicom Canada Inc. Imran steps into the role of Technical Lead. He will focus on bringing technical expertise to our…

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Sigicom UK celebrates five years

Sigicom Ltd. is turning five! In June of 2017, Simon Perry first opened the doors to the office in Horsham, West Sussex. Today, the operation…

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vibration lectures

The Dowding lectures are back!  

The Dowding lectures are back!   Sigicom is pleased to announce that we are sponsoring a lecture series on vibration monitoring, hosted by Dr. Charles…

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ETM Mätteknik AB is now a part of Sigicom

ETM Mätteknik AB and the slightly smaller sister company ETM Communications AB, are a part of Sigicom since February, 2022. ETM Mätteknik AB is a…

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Sigicom welcomes Barry Conroy

We are happy to welcome Barry Conroy to Sigicom’s UK office, where he will fill the position of Technical Sales Engineer for the North UK…

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Sigicom Inc

A New Board Assignment for Christian Fogstad

Christian Fogstad, General Manager of Sigicom Inc USA, has been appointed board member of Transportation Research Board (TRB).   Christian, who served on ADC40 (A1F04)…

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Sabina Lindén Joins the Sigicom Board of Directors

Sigicom is happy to welcome Sabina Lindén as our newest board member.   After 20 years of experience as HR manager and HR director, Sabina…

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James Ahrgren

James Ahrgren is Leaving the Board

As a key member of Traction, Sigicom’s second largest shareholder, James Ahrgren was a natural fit to join the Sigicom Board in May 2020. After…

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