At Sigicom, we have always taken pride in our deep technical knowledge. Today, we have reached a major milestone with the release of a new and improved version of INFRA Net.

In 2021, Sigicom kickstarted the INFRA Net Beta project, striving towards a more intuitive, mobile friendly and scalable platform. This resulted in a new and upgraded version of INFRA Net. Roy Brons joined Sigicom as Product Manager in late 2020 after working at Google as a UX Researcher. His focus for the last year has mostly been on the release of the new INFRA Net.

– Over the course of a year, this project required a laser focus from the team to be able to migrate all the functionality our users are relying on, into the new INFRA Net. The development team has done a tremendous job as they had to deal with many factors that affected their work, such as working remotely, new team members and new ways of working, says Roy.

First released in 2011, INFRA Net has been a solid software tool for customers to rely on when it comes to managing projects. INFRA Net is constantly developing in the direction of the user’s needs and technological trends. Within the construction site monitoring industry, INFRA Net stands out with its functionality and interoperability between the INFRA hardware and software.

After the release of the project, much of Roy’s focus is set on numerous onboarding activities, to get customers acquainted and accustomed to the improved platform. 

– Even though we know change can be good, people are often a bit reluctant about it. Especially if the tool you use every day and invest time in learning, is changing. To make this a smooth transition for customers we are planning some onboarding activities that should allow the customer to move over to the new INFRA Net and hit the ground running, says Roy. 

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