2021 is a major milestone year for Sigicom. In 1981, 40 years ago, Christer Svensson founded Sigicom back in Sweden. Ten years ago, in 2011, the company followed that with the expansion into the North American market by opening an office in Fort Collins, Colorado. Last but not least, this year’s establishment of Sigicom Canada Inc. and a new office in Ottawa is added to the list.

Being Sigicom’s first office abroad, the decision to expand to North America a decade ago was based on the US’ market size and potential. Through our innovations and intelligent monitoring solutions, Sigicom’s INFRA system offered perfect innovation leaps which created the market enthusiasm needed to successfully establish a satellite office. The “start-up era” was lined with far tougher challenges than first expected. Hard work and collaboration has built a profitable foundation and set the path for a stable growth journey

– It started with me, a laptop, and a fold-out chair in an empty office and sparsely outfitted warehouse, says Sigicom Inc.’s General Manager Christian Fogstad, and continues:

– Coming from a large organization to a place where everything rested on my shoulders was both challenging and exhilarating. However, I had excellent support and guidance from the headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, which made the early phase of our journey interesting and enjoyable.

Sigicom chose Fort Collins, Colorado, as their main US location housing a sales and rental office, warehouse, and calibration lab. Fort Collins is also the home of Colorado State University and the university presence, with its tech culture, comes with advantages. Fort Collins is a city with a great talent pool, which is something Sigicom Inc. has and will continue to benefit from. The city’s central location, about an hour’s drive from Denver, also made the choice easy.

Being a Swedish company, the next natural step was to outfit the new office with IKEA furniture. It didn’t take long before logistics were in place and rental equipment became available. Thereafter Christian hired an Order Manager and started building a sales team which now has grown into a sales staff of four.

Ten years ago, construction site monitoring and environmental monitoring was quite a different story in North America than it is today, and the development of the monitoring market has been significant. Akin to wearable electronics (Fitbit), the construction industry is not lagging in implementing new monitoring technology, making projects safer, more productive, and less prone to run over timelines and budgets.

We have managed to continuously grow with steady progress, thanks to our market-leading innovation. After a decade our brand has built a well-deserved reputation as the go-to-guys, providing excellent hardware and software, says Christian Fogstad.

Sigicom Inc. is now looking forward to continued growth, for both the monitoring market and the company, and keeping a strong market presence.

– Fort Collins will remain the perfect place for us. Here, we can thrive from when it comes to logistics, sales, and technical support, says Christian.

In addition to the US, Sigicom Inc. has built a steady customer base in Canada throughout the years. With the brand-new establishment of Sigicom Canada Inc, Christian and his team are working closely with the Canadian Sales team, led by Curtis McGrath.

The demand for construction site monitoring is ever-increasing, and with a decade of experience behind them, Sigicom is determined to remain on top when it comes to providing market-leading, innovative vibration monitors, noise level meters, and dust monitors.

Curtis McGrath and Christian Fogstad

Curtis McGrath and Christian Fogstad