Rohan Saigal, an engineer and monitoring technician at Enthink Engineering, manages vibration monitoring on several job sites around the boroughs of New York. In the big and buzzing city of New York, construction is often performed adjacent to residential or commercial buildings, making vibration monitoring an essential component of any construction project.

Near Highland Park in Brooklyn, Rohan Saigal monitors vibrations at the construction site of a new commercial building. Excavation for preparation of the building’s foundation is ongoing, and two INFRA C22 vibration monitors from Sigicom have been mounted on the facade of the adjacent buildings. The monitors are compact wireless units with a battery life of up to four months, which makes them time-saving and cost-efficient. The monitors’ rugged design and durable construction make them a good choice for Enthink Engineering.

For Rohan Saigal, site visits are rare and only required for installing and removing the monitor or changing the battery. Rohan uses INFRA Net, Sigicom’s web-based software, to access and analyze measurement data. If anything unexpected occurs, Rohan is notified by instant messages sent via SMS. With the help of INFRA Net, Rohan can efficiently deliver weekly reports to the contractor.

– The instruments are very reliable. If something goes wrong, I don’t have to worry about a malfunction with the machine itself. It’s usually something external, like a construction worker bumping into it so that we must come and retighten it. When I press record on the vibration monitor, I’m confident everything will run smoothly until the battery goes out. And the battery lasts for a good time, says Rohan.

Rohan Saigal joined Enthink Engineering in 2022, but the company has been performing vibration monitoring since 2019. Founded in 2009 by Dr. Sunil Saigal, the company’s initial focus was providing special inspections, where they still have a strong presence. Dr. Saigal has been active in academia for many years, where he has taught engineering and held academic leadership positions at several leading institutions in the US.

Reliable and easy-to-use

Adding vibration monitoring to their services was not given for Enthink Engineering. When they were asked to assist with optical monitoring at a site, Dr. Sunil Saigal received a recommendation from a friend in the geotechnical sector to attend a lecture on vibration monitoring. The lecture was held by Dr. Charles Dowding, a renowned expert on structural response and vibration monitoring, and arranged by Sigicom. After the lecture, Dr. Saigal got a further introduction to vibration monitoring by testing out three INFRA units for vibration monitoring from Sigicom.

– There was no learning curve at all, either for the equipment or the INFRA Net software. You can be an expert on the day you start with Sigicom products. Since 2019, I have continued to be helped and supported by the folks at Sigicom, which is the cornerstone of the growth of my company in vibration monitoring, says Dr. Sunil Saigal.

Sigicom has more than 40 years of designing and developing innovative monitoring solutions and prides itself in offering reliable and easy-to-use solutions to its customers. For Enthink Engineering, quickly picking up the speed in vibration monitoring has been one of the top benefits of using Sigicom products.

– You sleep well at night knowing that you are using reliable equipment at the sites entrusted to you by your clients. Using devices from Sigicom also ensures ease of use, ease of installation, ease of data retrieval, and an army of highly professional people behind the product to help you with any questions that may arise, says Dr. Sunil Saigal.