London Dock, close to the Tower of London was once the hub of the British trade with satin, coffee, tea, tobacco and other luxury goods. Large warehouses lined the quays. These were replaced after the war with printing and office businesses, mostly built of cement with steel foundations. An area of about six hectares is now once again being renewed by demolition and new construction project.

The project is planned to take eight years and will result in eight new building complexes, mostly luxury apartment houses.
The project area includes a 315 meter long K listed (protected) warehouse building that will be preserved. It also borders onto a residential area and schools, so the control of noise, vibrations and dust is important. The prestigious contract was awarded to Getec UK, mainly thanks to the INFRA-system and good cooperation with Sigicom.

Customer-appreciated collaboration

As Paul Thurlow, the CEO of Getec UK explains: “The INFRA system is robust and delivers synchronized information from all the measurement instruments. The collaboration between Getec and Sigicom enabled accessibility of a web based product for the customer. We supplied a specially built solar panel system with an extra external battery for autonomous operation. This environmentally friendly system convinced the customer to choose us.”

The project is the largest of its kind to date in Great Britain for both Getec and Sigicom. The customer is Armstrong York, a well-known company within environmental services. The demolition was in full swing during the summer and Armstrong York has expressed their satisfaction with Getec’s efforts – especially the fast alarm function.

The world’s smallest vibration monitor

Getec has twelve wireless C12 vibration monitors with built-in data loggers and twelve cabled S50 Sound Level Meters working within the area. The entire system was set up in four days. Paul Thurlow explains the use: “Even prior to demolition we made interval and frequency measurements of the vibrations caused by other activities on the site. We will also perform a third octave analysis if required.”

Broad spectrum of Sound Level measurements

“Using the Sound Level Meters we measure the level of noise equivalent simultaneously within chosen time intervals and the maximum level of noise pressure is optional and accessible on request. We compile data through Sigicom every hour and directly enter it into our web based software for presentation.”

“Setting a trigger level and recording and listening to a sound clip to identify causes for high sound levels is a much appreciated opportunity that will be used if necessary. Currently, we calculate an average Leq over ten hours (between the hours of 8 am to 6 pm) and compare it with the limit permitted. Our alarms are automatic.”

“Our most appreciated option in the INFRA system is the “remote control” that allows the user to control every data logger on the measurement site from the comfort of their office. Seen over several years, Sigicom’s system is a price worthy investment. We only collaborate with companies like Sigicom that know their products, are innovative and listen to their customers,” concludes Paul Thurlow.