Long time measurements for the Godfather of Noise

A witty journalist once called Stig Ingemansson the “Godfather of Noise”. In the mid-1950s, he specialized in noise and vibration elimination. Today, ÅF-Ingemansson (a part of The ÅF Group) is one of the three largest acoustics firms in the world and the leading expert in Northern Europe in the area of acoustics, noise and vibration.

Noise is a growing problem in society
Despite legislation and technical development resulting in ever-quieter sources of noise, the rapid growth in numbers of these sources nevertheless increases the overall noise level. The demand for better sound quality and low vibrations has never been greater. Traffic and industry are required to generate as little noise and vibration as possible. Ingemansson performs measurements as well as sound and vibration checks using testing methods and calculations for communities, industry and automotive. 

Automatic reading and reporting saves money
Traditional equipment must be supervised by specially trained measurement specialists in order to make reliable measurements. This is costly for long time measurement due to costs for travel when adjusting trigger levels, waiting time and ineffective use of measurement consultants.

Using INFRA facilitates “lean measuring”
Automatic reading and reporting by INFRA shortens the list of cost factors in measurements during long periods. Travel costs are reduced to setting up and dismounting the equipment and much fewer hours for the measurement work are required.

Automatic reading and reporting improves accuracy and reporting
Setting up an INFRA system for autonomous measuring tasks is made by parameters for a specific standard. The ”human factor”, in terms of different working methods is thereby eliminated. The time from initial measurement to final report is negligible and many more parameters can be controlled simultaneously. Microprocessors inside the INFRA system convert analogue signals to digital information and a digital signal processor (DSP) filtrates, compensates and detects the signals using selected standards which gives the user reliable and desired results.

When quality counts
ÅF-Ingemansson helps to lay the foundations for successful community and industrial planning A good acoustic environment requires a variety of noise forecasts at an early stage. Equipped with the very latest measuring equipment and calculation models, ÅF-Ingemansson’s experts provide a sound and secure basis for informed decision making. And use of INFRA heavily reduces the measurement costs when autonomous measurements are suitable.