Fully integrated environmental monitoring system

The Northern Line Extension project is the first major infrastructure scheme to use the fully integrated Sigicom environmental monitoring system in the UK.

The web based system provides real time noise, vibration and air quality data through a single interface.

In the event of pre-determined thresholds being breached, automated text and email alerts are sent to multiple recipients, so that immediate action can be taken.

Peak noise events are recorded with an audio playback system, which have proved invaluable in identifying the source of high noise activities.

The benefit of a fully integrated system covering noise, vibration and air quality has been realised when investigating complaints and elevated results. For example: using the sound playback function it was possible to show that the road sweeper was kicking up dust and triggering dust alerts; and by simultaneously viewing noise and vibration data it was shown high noise piling works were not the source vibration being felt by local residents.

The Northern Line Environmental Team has worked closely with their noise and vibration specialists (Temple Group) to develop additional capabilities to the system including:

A predictive capability for construction noise. This optimized the working window before which noise thresholds are breached, and when further noise mitigation is required.
A macro to turn raw data downloaded from the Sigicom website into pre-populated monitoring reports that are ready to be shared with the local Environmental Health officers and the general public.