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Sigicom is an internationally successful company at the forefront of digital technology. We have grown to be an industry leader in the development of environmental measurement systems, while maintaining a family atmosphere and close collaboration with our customers.

Our core values ​​are continuous learning, openness, honesty and freedom with responsibility. We always strive to develop and grow together, through every challenge and success.

Our head office is in Älvsjö, just south of Stockholm, and this is where most of us work. We also have offices in France, UK, Canada and the USA and are in close contact with our colleagues there.

What can we offer?

Having a healthy and happy staff is the most important thing for us and therefore we have a wide range of benefits, including team building activities and a generous wellness allowance. At Sigicom, we know the importance of each person thriving and we always focus on finding the right role and job description together.


Are you studying at a technical college?
Sigicom works in conjunction with universities and colleges assisting in research and providing education related to the practical applications of environmental measurements in the construction, mining, and infrastructure industries.

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